Friday, January 30, 2015

The U.S. States with the Lowest Unemployment

North Dakota vacationers enjoy visiting world's largest Bison at Jamestown.
  1. North Dakota: 2.7%, flat with November 2013; civilian labor force up 15,000 year-over-year to 417,800
  2. Nebraska: 3.1%, from 3.7% a year ago; labor force up 1,500 to 1.022 million
  3. South Dakota: 3.3%, from 3.6% a year ago; labor force up 3,900 to 452,700
  4. Utah: 3.6%, from 4.0% a year ago; labor force up 4,100 to 1.437 million
  5. Minnesota: 3.7%, from 4.8% last November; labor force up 18,200 to 2.99 million
  6. Hawaii: 4.0%, from 4.7% in November 2013, labor force up 17,400 to 669,800
  7. Colorado: 4.1%, from 6.3% a year ago; labor force up 57,100 to 2.807 million
  8. Iowa: 4.3%, from 4.2% last November; labor force up 40,800 to 1.714 million
  9. Kansas: 4.3%, from 5.0% a year ago; labor force up 18,000 to 1.496 million
  10. Montana: 4.3%, from 5.4% last November; labor force up 6,900 to 519,900
  11. Vermont: 4.3%, flat with a year ago; labor force up 1,800 to 351,800

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Junk Food Around the World

Belgium: Waffles (of course!)

Brazil:  Coxinha       Shredded chicken wrapped in dough and fried.

France:  Petit Ourson     Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bears

Germany:  Erdnussflips     Peanut butter corn puffs.

Hawaii:  Spam Masubi     Slice of grilled Spam on top of rice, wrapped with seaweed.

Israel:  Bamba     Looks like cheese puffs, tastes like peanut butter.

Mexico:  Takis     Corn taquitos 

Peru:  Dona Pepa     Chocolate covered cookies.

Scotland:  Deep fried Mars bars

Taiwan:  Mochi     Chewy rice balls filled with peanut powder, sesame or bean paste.


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Let's Guess - This Australian Beach House is Booked Until 2060

This is the Pole House. It's 130 feet about Fairhaven Beach near Melbourne, Australia. It sports one bedroom and a view that Mastercard would label as "priceless."

It looks really good, right now, considering that it's summer in Australia.

$440-$1,120 per night. Booking information.


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Good Grief! Do We Really Need Luna, the Smart Bed?

Wow - It knows when I get up so it can start the coffee machine.  Is it smart enough to know when it's just a bathroom run?